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Coming Soon from Authoress chenoa lata'

  A Secret Love Affair Part 2

The Vengeance of the Heart Series

secret affair part 2[3907] Redo Final Copy.jpg

Kyla is trying to mend her life and heart back together, After Patrick’s infidelity, Then, - her act of treachery…… Sends the two of them on a journey with uncertainty. Now Kyla questions was vengeance worth the expense of their marriage. Only time will tell if their love shall overcome the damage, they both endured in their marriage.


Patrick heart is hurting from the pain Kyla caused him- he’s confused, angry, but most of all heartbroken. He never imagined that Kyla could give herself to another man, but his gamble of adultery pushes her to the point of no return.


Pamela Starks has fallen in love with Patrick and is willing to do whatever it takes not to let him go, but his love for his “wife” is definitely in the way of the commitment she wants. If Patrick won’t choose who he wants she will undoubtedly choose for him.


Travis is eager to wait on Kyla to make a decision on who her heart desires, “him”- or her husband Patrick. The fate for Kyla’s fairytale of a marriage is here! Will the four find happiness with the one they love, or their desired love?

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