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Everyone wants a fairytale relationship until they realize that happily ever after comes after the lies. After the pain. After the betrayal. After the deceit.


Kyla believes that her fairytale marriage has it all until she discovers her husband Patrick has given his heart to “her”- the other woman. This jolts Kyla into a whirlwind of emotions that she can’t seem to get under control. Kyla is trying to mend the broken pieces of her heart, but can’t seem to until she reconnects with someone from her past. This someone has a piece of Kyla’s heart that resurfaces and makes her forget about the damage her husband has caused her. Will Kyla get even, making her husband feel all the pain of infidelity he’s caused her? Will that someone be her escape to exhale the love they once shared? Or will Kyla be the faithful, dutiful wife she's always been?


Sometimes, the best way to get over someone is by getting underneath someone else… or is it?

A Secret Love Affair Part 1

SKU: 9781736577318
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